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Yoga & QiGong


Join founder of Yoga of Energy Flow and director of yoga teacher training at Boston University, Daniel Orlansky, as he teaches you how to cultivate strength and flexibility with yoga and suppleness with qigong, creating a unified practice that balances yin and yang, heaven and earth, sun and moon, masculine and feminine. Daniel will guide you to explore the Taoist concept of “effortless flow” in qigong as well as ways to bring the same ease of motion into your yoga flow sequences.

You will learn:

  • Breathing exercises to enhance life energy
  • The Eight Brocades, Swimming Dragon, and other qigong practices to open the meridians
  • Meditative flow in yoga sequences
  • Tapping to open the 14 meridians, six energy gates, and three energy centers
  • Concentration techniques for mental clarity

Enjoy graceful and gentle movements in both forms and embrace the powerful effects of both qigong and yoga as you detoxify the body and increase your strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Yoga & QiGong event at Prasada Yoga Studio in North Hampton NH.