transforming energy

Strong Body, Quiet Mind

Yoga practice is meant to transform us into our highest ‘Self.’ It creates a sort of brightness or calmness within us. Prasada in the ancient Sanskrit language means this sort of “brightness.” It is this brightness that our strong vigorous practice reveals.

Based upon concepts of Yin and Yang, classes at Prasada Yoga Center blend the masculine aspects of power and focus from Ashtanga Yoga with some of the more fluid aspects of Vinyasa flow. All of our dynamic classes–taught by knowledgeable, experienced instructors–seek to build strength, balance and confidence through the safety of form and alignment principles.

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Community Classes

Sunday mornings at 7:30. Free classes taught by our own teacher trainees!

Creative Flow and Exploring Arm Balances with Michelle Couture

April 17th, 6 - 7:30 pm

Join Michelle Couture in this 90 minute class as she leads a creative flow that will be heat building, strengthening and fun fun fun!

Beginner Workshop!

April 18th, 11-1:30pm

If you’ve never done yoga before and are interested in starting a yoga practice this is a great way to build strength and flexibility and feel comfortable while getting started.